Organic Vs PPC! Who wins?

By Asif Iqbal

Interesting comparisons between Organic and PPC listings, everybody wants to know which is of more worth and value, I would say that both have different preposition and benefits. Here is list of elements between both organic and PPC with their pros and corns.

Organic Listings

  1. Long Lasting Effect
  2. Slow Results
  3. Low Cost
  4. Less Control Over Ranking
  5. More Clicks Than PPC
  6. No Management
  7. No Monitoring
  8. Assumption
  9. Gigantic Exposure
  10. More Text Space
  11. Uncontrolled Title And Description

PPC Listings

  1. Effect Depends On Budget
  2. Quick Results
  3. Expensive
  4. Complete Control Over Ranking
  5. Less Clicks Than Organic
  6. Complete Management
  7. Complete Campaign Monitoring
  8. Authentic
  9. Limited Exposure
  10. Less Text Limitation
  11. Controlled Title And Description

I’m sure, this comparison will help you take better decision and best use of your hard earned money, both these marketing are very effective in different scenarios, if you have big budget you must go for PPC first and also keep organic as secondary marketing for long term. If you have small budget then organic would be an excellent choice with some paid listings in directories and industry related portals.