How to Write Effective Title Tags for Better Positioning

By Asif Iqbal

Title tag is the most important part of your web page, which is normally neglected by most webmasters and designers, in fact there are few SEOs who think optimizing “Title Tag” is worthless. Title tag plays very important role in page optimization and in this article you’ll learn how to optimize it.

What Is The Title Tag?

It’s an HTML tag use as a title or heading of the web page, it shows input text on the blue bar at the web page, it is declared at the beginning of the webpage under head tag.

Example: <title>Your Home Page Title</title>

Why Is The Title Tag Important?

Title tag is the most important tag, almost all search engines evaluate webpage with title tag and check the relevancy with other elements of the page as well, and search engines also present results of a search by displaying webpage titles as links in the first line of each query result.

TOP 10 Tips To Write Effective Page Title:

  1. Try to place your most important keyword phrase at the beginning of the tag
  2. Use your primary keyword phrase in the title tag at least once
  3. Avoid using the same words multiple times
  4. Use plural form of keyword phrase, specially which includes complete singular word in it (Example: manufacturers)
  5. Use Title case for keyword phrase but keep preposition in lower case
  6. Keep your title tag’s limit under 70 to 90 characters, longer sentences won’t give any value but they can be hurdle in deep crawl of your web page
  7. Avoid using special characters such as ! @ # $ ^ & * ( }[ | ? /
  8. Avoid using stopping words such as or, and , with, for, by, etc
  9. Use unique title tag for each page, since each page has unique content
  10. Make your title interesting and “compelling” to the reader to convince them why they should click there