How Well Your Website Can Communicate with Search Engines?

By Asif Iqbal

Search engines don’t talk with websites directly, they use bots to communicate with websites, their bots come to websites and start reading the websites, whatever they read at websites they go back to search engines carrying the messages and store those messages in search engine’s database.

Search Engines are NOT Human Beings!

Search engines view websites with different prospects. They don’t have eyes to analyze beautiful colors and animations, don’t have ears to listen music and don’t have feelings to fall in love with your catchy slogans. Apart of all these disabilities they can evaluate your website better than a human being.

When you develop or going to get your website developed, what things you should keep in mind? Being website Owner you might think of website design and content, being Webmaster you might think of easy navigation and flexibility of website. You might be missing one very important aspects of search engine positioning, and that is how search engine is viewing your website?

What Things Search Engines Like at Your Website?

Good communication can increase the performance, it applies the same to search engines, if your website can communicate well enough to create good impression to search engines, your website will be facilitating with high rankings then, here is a list of elements search engines like.

  • Validated and Optimize Code
  • Rich Content
  • Unique URL of Each Webpage
  • Plain URLs
  • Proper Internal Linking
  • Healthy Incoming Links
  • Text Based Navigation
  • Neat Table Structure
  • Good Directory and File Structure
  • Proper Headings, Subheadings, Captions
  • Title, Meta Tags and Alt Tags
  • Robots.txt

What Things Search Engines Dislike at Your Website?

Take care of the elements which can hurt your view to search engines, thought each search engine has its own criteria of viewing websites but all major search engines dislike these mentioned elements.

  • Broken Links
  • Invalid Code
  • JavaScript
  • Orphan Links, Images and Files
  • Under-construction Page/es
  • Pop ups
  • Redirectors
  • IP Tracking
  • Dynamically Generated Pages
  • Frames
  • Same Background and Font Colors
  • Multi Nested Table Structure

Search engine bots crawl website with different time frame period, it depends upon how frequently your website updates? Each search engine has its own time frequency to crawl websites, now you know what things do matter to search engines, take care of them so that your website can delivery its message well enough to get top rankings.

Best of luck 🙂