Manual Vs Automated Submission! Which one is the best


We all know how important link popularity is for better rankings in top search engine like google, yahoo and msn! In this article you’ll come to know the linking types and brief comparisons of manual submission and automated submissions.

Comparisons of Automated and Manual Submissions:

Automated Submissions
Manual Submissions
Can’t recognize PR of the Search Engine / Direct-ories/ Sites
Manually You can observe real PR of the Search Engine/Directories/Sites
Can’t recognize Type of the links
Links Type is easily recognizable
Will leave few input fields empty or wrong filled
Will never leave any required field empty
Will fail to recognize necessaries fields
Will easily recognize necessaries fields
Can’t recognize Title, Description Limits
Manually Title and Description Limits can be seen and can be utilized those limits very well
Can’t recognize which format keywords should be supplied, either with commas or with spaces
Can easily read either in which format keywords are required to supply
It’s Fast
It’s slow but very correct
It’s 99.99% reliable
Can’t make multiple compositions according to situations
Manually you can compose multiple titles and descriptions to maximize the benefits of submissions
Can’t read text over images, these days search engine and directories have started putting a image with text to filter automated and manual submissions
Text over images at the time of submission can be easily seen in manual submission and successfully proceeded to submission
Majority of the search engines and directories in their database is not validated and checked
Manually you can update the search engines and directories and can have record as well
They are limit to their database, they normally don’t have search criteria defined to update their database
Manually you have no limit, the more you search the more you’ll come know about search engines
They can’t reply to the validated mail and can’t validate the submissions
Manually you can validate your mail sent at the time of submission from search engine or directories
Wrong data input to fields, sometimes company names or contact person are supplied to title
Manually you have very less chances of wrongly filled data in required fields at the time of submissions

After looking at the comparisons, you can easily know why manual submissions are considered to be good and recommended by professional SEOs. Don’t look at the shortcomings and a little ease in automated submission, these shortcomings and little comfort can be a nightmare. Submissions are a very important part of link building campaigns, and if your submissions are made correctly they can play huge rule in link building. Try to submit manually so that you can get the maximum benefits out of it.

More links VS More Valuable Links?
Effective manual submissions can be very useful increasing link value, automated submission can create only more incoming links but effective manual submissions can give those links more value.

A professional submitter should always take care of few things, which can give his/her submissions more value.

Take Care of These Elements When Submitting…

1. Should know the type of the link, going to be visible after submission
2. Should know the limits of title and description
3. Should create multiple titles and descriptions according to limits
4. Should check and re-check those submitted links periodically
5. Always keep passwords and ids save for future updates