Abrar Ahmed, CEO at Webiz Media Pvt. Ltd | Co-Founder of Hamariweb.com

Asif Iqbal – is just among the few e-commerce professionals who consider as pioneer in the industry. Asif has a great exposure of corporate working with working experience in international and dominant projects and companies. SEO is the core area of expertise and working for Asif, but more than that as I consider the expertise in online project consultation and development.

His another most important work is developing a fresh breed in area of ecommerce that is highly demanded as currently. Most of well trained professionals by Asif are now the part of leading local and international IT companies and playing their prominent roles in growth of these companies.

Professionals, like Asif are always a great asset for the country, industry and companies as well. Even the clientele those who are taking the advantage of the services by true professionals like Asif, always get the best ROI. Best of Luck Asif!

Yameen Adnan, CEO at ClickPencil

Asif is a great internet marketer. During working on my project Asif point out the areas in which we are losing, he not only acknowledge us but work hand to hand with us to take us to a level where he committed when we both signed NDC. I appreciate Asif and recommends you for your internet marketing needs

Aziz Ahmed, CEO at HansonsPakistan

ASIF is a detail-oriented individual who is best known among his peers as a valuable asset within Pakistan.

His knowledge and perseverance allows him to grasp the situation without losing sight of the strategic objective.

I would really like to have him aboard anytime.

Anis MotiwalaInstitution Development Expert in World Bank assignment for Iraq Pension at Contract: Abacus Consulting

Asif Iqbal is a highly disciplined professional with rigorous standards of performance with which he would not compromise. His sense of value for time is so acute that he has acquired the reputation of a clock amongst his colleagues. In my brief period of association with him I found Asif as a principled man with a strong and uncompromising commitment to values. He had taken a decision to start his own consulting outfit while on job and true to his word he lost no time in launching his company as soon he left Tradekey. I have no doubts Asif will go a long way in delivering value to the society.

Nadeem AhmedHuman Resource Professional at Pak-Arab Refinery Limited

I have known Mr. Asif Iqbal for one year, as a professional colleague, as he worked for TradeKey as a Manager Search Engine Optimization.

Mr. Asif is a highly qualified Trainer and CEO at A.I.Training & Consultancy with experience in the management. He produced quality teams that were devoted to his objectives and unfailingly handled conflict with grace and intelligence. His dedication to quality management was bar none.

Mr. Asif a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, he has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion, guiding teams through the entire life cycle process, on time. He is both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in his teams.

Abbas FaridCEO at Element Jeans Co. 

My experience with Asif has been very nice. He has always been very professional with his work with innovative ideas & latest SEO & marketing techniques.

Fahim KhanGeneral Manager at ePlanet Communications

He one of those who take pride in their work

Kamran ZubairyCEO at ZymSol 

Asif is not only an expert of his field, an excellent coach and an organized colleague, he is an excellent human also. I have enjoyed every conversation with him, and I wish him best of luck!

Wasim AsifLead Software Engineer at Folio3 

Asif bhai is an energetic person, always bringing in out of the box seo strategies. He is also open to share his knowledge and experience of SEM. I have learned a lot from him.

Sherjeel Awan, Business Development Manager at Got Apparel

My first contact with Asif Iqbal was to invite him to sit on the meeting regarding a new Designing Project; where he commanded attention and helped complete projects. Through the years, we discussed on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of doing business. Upon arriving at business meetings, he is always prepared and articulates his message clearly. His style includes working as a team with his peers, subordinates,and clients. His personality could be described as: Eager, Forward Thinking, a Listener, Organized, and Compassionate

Jamil Ali Ahmed, Senior SEO Engineer / Graphics Designer at LN Technologies

Asif Iqbal is a super talented person having excellent expertise in Internet Marketing and thorough professional with solid understanding and experience of SEO/ SEM techniques. He has good communication as well as decision making skill. He can be an excellent resource for any organization. He is result oriented and knows how to strike a balance between perfection and customer satisfaction.

Moosa Hemani, SEO at Superb Internet

With great background at work he is a amazing personality to meet.

Sohail AdilManager, Sales Force Automation/Administrator – Siebel CRM OnDemand at Novartis

With sheer professionalism and absolute management of time, Asif Iqbal marked a long lasting impression of his work at TradeKey.

Yasir KalimManager Data Center at Atlas Honda Limited

A SEO guru i must say …

Ali KhurramVirtualization Consultant at Selling Business Systems

A thorough professional in his work, his approach is highly results oriented.

Kashif JavedSenior Executive SEO  at Axact

ASIF is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.

Abdul Mannan, Assistant Manager – Web Marketing at Tradekey Pvt. Ltd.

Asif Iqbal is well know name in Search Industry, rather his work I am more impressed by his personality God gives him X factor to convey his thoughts. Well Chinese having their own Bill Gates Mr. Jack Ma and Pakistanis having their own Jack Ma Mr. Asif Iqbal.

Adnan FarkhandAssociate Manager (Networks and ISMS) at TradeKey (Pvt) Ltd.

Asif is a quite a nice person with cool attitude. He has high skills in his field SEO and Web Marketing as well as he is a good manager and leader.

Zahir Shah, Senior SEO Executive, Better Homes LLC

I know Asif Iqbal for a long time now, he is a creative marketer, intents on personal gain, capable of logical and analytical thinking along with practical business lines …… I truly believe that He is the Pioneer of SEO and Internet Marketing Training in Pakistan

Ali NawazInformation Analyst at Injazat Data Systems

I found Mr. Asif such are creative Internet Marketing personal in my life, I obey his wording as Pakistan’s Top Leading SEO GURUs…

Abid SultanMarketing Manager at United Sol 

Well, he’s a well-versed person, for anything about SEO and related domain, get to him. In IT consultancy and SEO concerns, he is all in all.

Faisal Iqbal, CEO at 7Rangi.com

Asif Iqbal is not just my company CEO, but he also my teacher.

Abdul Hayi Mansoor, SEO Consultant Specialist at ODesk

Asif is a talented SEO specialist who has been working in the SEO industry for quite a few years now. He is knowledgeable and has gained a valuable experience over the years.
Although I have not directly worked with him, I have seen some of his online appearances. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for white-hat SEO services.

Aijaz Alam, Independent Business Consultant

On a professional level, Asif is very organized, knows the value of time, has in-depth knowledge in his field. He is proactive, an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for new challenges. I would recommend Asif as a professional to anyone.

On a personal level, Asif has all of the qualities of a good friend, such as trustworthy, compassionate, and sincere. I have known Asif for a year and a half and consider him to be an A-list friend. I would also recommend Asif as a friend to anyone.

Asif AnwarDigital Marketing Strategist at ivivelabs

When I started my SEO career, my first keyword was “Asif Anwar”. And for the keyword Asif, Asif Iqbal already had a great dominance. As a search marketer, I’d always recommend Asif.

Azhar Iqbal, SEO Specialist

When it comes about SEO in Pakistan, no one can beat this guy’s knowledge, ideas, creativity and result oriented approach.


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Hasan Mehmood, SEO Consultant at Cybolutions Inc. 

I have found Asif Iqbal a result oriented person and I have learned lots of positive things from his training.

Sheheryar Khan, SEO at trg | tech 

I’ve worked with Mr. Asif Iqbal 2 years back where he was my manager & writing about him is itself an honor for me because he is a very well known personality of Pakistan. As a Manager he was very cooperative person with full of knowledge & expertise in his field. I learned a lot from him & it helped me very much in my professional life & I wish to work with him again if I got a chance. Because there are very few people in my life who inspired me professionally & he is amongst them. In the end I wish him best of luck for everything he is currently doing or want to do in future.

Muzammil Siraj, Independent Consultant at MSK Consulting

Asif Iqbal is on of the Leading name in field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Internet marketing . His contribution in development of these Industry in Pakistan in remarkable.

Beside his profession he is also a good friend & a caring person who is always ready to help and share his knowledge & skills.

Omar Ali ZuberiIT Project Manager at Tradekey (pvt.) Ltd.

Asif was my first line manager in TradeKey during my tenure in the back office dept. Having less idea of SEO, Asif trained me with exceptional SEO skills. I’ve found Asif proficient with training and managerial expertise. I recommend Asif’s SEO knowledge and vow his professional attitude as an indispensable gift for any organization.

Abdul BasitSEO / Web Marketing Team Lead at LN Technologies

Asif Iqbal is very much supportive to his juniors. Always ready to help them in boosting their professional career by sharing his experiences and teaching. He is a good teacher and co-operative colleague.

Asif Iqbal thanks for all your support to me.