I Believe (Philosophy | Vision | Mission)
I’m a workaholic person and one of those geeks, who don’t believe on vocations and holidays. God (Allah) has blessed us with nights to take rest, we’re living in world not in heaven and God (Allah) sent us with responsibilities, we need to workout and turn this world a beautiful place to live. Those who have more knowledge or wealth are more liable to share it with others, so that other can be benefited.

I do work, work and work, even if I’m tied of work, I still enjoy doing work

I would have never realized where am I going? What am I doing? Why am I doing? But one day I thought a lot about all this and came to know the existence of me. When I looked back at my life and I had been helping people, resolving their problems, empowering them, making them independent and educating them. This is it, I came to know that I enjoy doing it and since then I’ve made my vision

Helping People Build & Grow