Improve Link Popularity and Develop a Successful Link Building Campaign (Part 2)

By Asif Iqbal

It’s a two part article series, in part 1, I’ve already explained you about mistakes you should avoid in link building, how to categorized your database and create your own master database for link building campaign.

Few Lessons from Your Competitors!

If somehow you are finished with your database and you require more incoming links for your website, you shouldn’t worry about it as far as your competitors are there to guide you. You can easily see how many links are pointing to your competitors from search engines. Google doesn’t show the real figures but you can take it from Yahoo and Msn, now what you have to do is to find out where exactly your competitors are linked and start putting your competitors’ incoming links to your master database with all required fields.
After you finished with all your competitors, don’t waste your time start submitting your website.

Important Aspect of Incoming Links:

Incoming links are evaluated on certain criteria and weight, there are four major aspect of incoming links on the basis of them each links are considered more valuable.

  1. Link Age
  2. Link Text Relevancy
  3. Link Page Relevancy
  4. Link Domain Relevancy

1. Link Age

Link age is one of the factors your website or webpage is going to be tested through, the older the links are the better they will be reliable.

2. Link Text Relevancy

One relevant link is equal to 100 irrelevant links, you better guess how important is the link text relevancy, here relevant link text means the title of the link and very next paragraph after title.

3. Link Page Relevancy

Page relevancy is also very important factor, your pointed links should be placed on the relevant pages. The overall page content should be relevant with your page.

4. Link Domain Relevancy

Link domain relevancy is something that can’t be ignore, if your pointed incoming links are placed on the relevant domain and relevant page they will be highly appreciated and have more weight than your competitors.

Incoming Link Types and Styles:

Link type and style are very important, you should try to maximize their effectives and values in favor of your link building campaign, each link has different value and weight to search engine, and I’ve defined almost all types of incoming links with their styles. I’ve distributed links in five groups with descending order.

1. Title Anchor Links: Title anchor links are area or content focus incoming links on any particular page
2. Title Hyper Links: Title hyper links are those links where the actual linking area is title
3. Description Text Links: Description text links are those links where the actual linking area is description
4. URL Links: URL links are those links where the actual linking area is their website addresses or URLs

5. Static Links: Static links are placed on plain SEO friendly pages that have plain URLs, they are considered very important links
6. Dynamic Links: Dynamic links are placed on dynamically generated pages and considered to be less important

7. One Way Links: One way links can be either dynamic or static but they will be only incoming links, they won’t be linked with your domain
8. Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal links can be either dynamic or static but they will be linked with your domain, if you don’t put their links to your website, they won’t put your link at their website

9. Vote/Rank Base Links: These types of links vary with their reputation, people gives votes or ranks to links and on the basis of those votes/ranks their link position vary
10. Lifetime Links: Lifetime links are those links which will be active for life time as long as the domain is there
11. Periodical Links: Periodical links are those links which will be active for certain period (such as 1 year or 2 years) after that they will be no more, usually these types of links are paid links

12. Same Window Open Links: Same window open links are those links which open in the same window or they refresh themselves
13. Blank Window Open Link: Blank window open links are those links which bring you to blank windows and open the pointed links on them

All these link types and styles have different meanings and values to search engines, being an SEO you should try to utilize your best available resource and try to focus on the right direction rather getting just links coming to your page.

I hope this article will help you in developing a successful link building campaign, since I’ve tried to explain almost all types of links with their values and weight according to search engine.