SEO Copy Writing Techniques – Why Content is Still King? (Part 2)

By Asif Iqbal

It’s a two parts article series, in part 1, I’ve already explained you about “What is SEO Copy Writing? Why Content is Still King? How to Balance Copy Writing Keeping Users and Search Engines in Mind? Who should I Write for Search Engines OR for Visitors? And Well Targeted Written Content is more valuable”

How to Develop a Successful SEO Copy Writing Strategy

There are five very important elements to develop a successful SEO copy writing strategy, a certain amount of content at website need to be updated periodically.

  1. Research the best keywords for your business / services
  2. Analyze the content of your competitors
  3. Logical distribution of selected keywords through out website
  4. Writing for those selected keywords
  5. On going fresh content

All these elements are very important and need healthy amount of time, there can’t be a standard because each strategy is unique and different. The more you study the better you’ll be able to produce.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing

When it comes to write for your website, you need to have your target audience in mind rather to facilitate search engines, respect your site visitors and educate them about your offered products or services. There is a list of dos and don’ts of writing for search engine.


  1. Try to use keywords in upper top 2000 characters including code
  2. Start paragraph with keywords
  3. Start sentence with keywords
  4. Use keywords in headings and sub headings
  5. Use keywords in bullets or as numbered
  6. Keep textual alternate navigation at bottom
  7. Have a breadcrumb at complete website and try to include keywords in it wherever possible


  1. Avoid using keywords at images or pictures
  2. Avoid using keywords in deep paragraph, since deeper use of keywords will have lesser value to search engines
  3. Avoid using pronoun for replacing important keywords, since pronouns won’t be of any value to search engines
  4. Don’t have link title for text based links
  5. Avoid keeping duplicate content on different pages of same website
  6. Never use copied OR pirated content at your website

SEO Copy Writing Techniques

  1. Search the relevant words (keywords) which are searched the most: Finding right keywords which correctly represent your company/products/services as well as they should be searched
  2. Try to focus on the words (keywords) when writing: Whenever write, keep focusing on keywords, try to repeat keywords but keeping the visitors in mind, your copy should be written for your visitors
  3. Unique/Original Content: Writing original and unique content is one of the most important aspect of your successful copywriting, the moment you upload your content try to make your content crawled by search engines, so that you can have the copy rights of that content, since search engines will take that content original which they crawled first, if your original content is copied and search engines have crawled that copied content first they may find your content as pirated, that’s why it’s very important to make your content authorized and copy right by search engines
  4. Fresh Content: Search engines give a lot of value to fresh content, since more frequently updates make your website more attractive to site visitors
  5. Focused and Relevant: Focused and relevant content is highly appreciated by search engines comparatively to those sites which are scatter or not focused
  6. Selectable and Visible Content: Search engines can’t read text over images, they also dislike hidden text, they can easily read selectable and visible content at website
  7. Proper Formatting Techniques: Search engines are able to recognize text formatting such as headings, sub headings, emphasis words, slogans, tag line, paragraph title, picture title…
  8. Short and Compiled: Short and complied content is always liked by site visitors as well as search engines, but as far as the quality of the content is concern it should not be compromised on the length of the content
  9. Keyword Utilization: Keywords should be used in “Title, Description, Headings, Sub-Headings, Bullets, Numbered, Bold, Italic, Underline, Hyperlinks, Anchor links, Alt Attributes, Link Titles, Table Names, Picture Names, File Names, Directories Names”
  10. Keywords Specific/Topical Writing Technique: SEO Friendly copying writing is a topical writing where keywords should be treated as topics, and writer should write about that topic, so that search engines can get attracted towards that topic / keywords

Now you know what it takes to write for website, you might be one step closer to improve your search engine rankings. You just need to follow the all mentioned guidelines that are listed in this article, if you have any question or want to have a personal training, write to me at [email protected]